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V.O. Man

A comedy web series about Bradley Thornbutton-Smythe, a well-known Voiceover actor until he drank his career away... now he wants it back!

V.O. Man - Episode 1

What goes on in the mind of a bitter former Voice Over acting star? In this episode, we learn why Brad got out of the V.O. business and why he blames the great Rob Paulsen.

V.O. Man - Episode 2

Brad gets his first voice over job on his way back to super stardom! Will it be everything he's hoping for or will the Rob Paulsen legacy get in the way?

V.O. Man - Episode 3

Brad is interviewed as a VoiceOver legend, but can he keep his cool when the interview doesn't go as he expected?

V.O. Man - Episode 4

Brad goes black and white as a 1930's private detective. Does that alleviate his problems with Rob Paulsen?

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